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08 December 2009 @ 07:15 pm
True Compass: Ch. 1 (discussion)  
Discussion for chapter 1. Reply with what stood out the most, or what you found most interesting.


Image of little Teddy riding a horse, aw.

"This dog that doesn't bite just jumped out of its cage and bit me. Teddy." Great note!

"Occasionally another sister would take pity on Jean and say, 'I'll switch with you.' No one ever said that to me." Awwwwww!

Gospel of Matthew chapter 25. One of my faves, too.

"Woe unto those of us who neglected to use 'whom' after a preposition! Once Mother wrote to me, 'I noticed you are quoted as using the word 'ass' in several expressions. I do not think you should use that word. I am sure you realize it does not look very well in print.' I was forty years old and a senator when she sent that one. It still hangs on my Senate office wall. Still later, she nailed me again: 'I just saw a story in which you said: 'If I was president,' You should have said, 'If I were president'...which is correct because it is a condition contrary to fact.'" I love that he displayed things like that in public and appreciated it.

"She was the disciplinarian of all our headstrong impulses, and was sometimes strict: spankings and whacks with a coat hanger were in her arsenal, as well as banishments to the closet. On one such expedition, I stood in the darkness feeling sorry for myself, until I realized I was not alone: Jean was standing beside me, serving out her own time for some infraction of the rules." I can totally picture that (in the darkness, even). How cute!

Putting Jack's dirty shoes on the piano so their mother would yell at him. Too funny! Guess that helps my piano/Ted thoughts quite well. ;-)

"'Having barrels of fun,' I once cable-grammed her from the Riviera. 'Send money for more barrels.' She kept that one, and hundreds like it."

"Later on, Dad would screen some romantic movies--but at the moment when the lead characters would start holding hands, he'd call out, 'Teddy! It's time for you to go to bed!' Jean wasn't much luckier. Just as they got to the embracing and kissing stage, she'd hear that voice of his: 'Jean, you've got to go up to bed!'" Can't you just hear him sighing about having to leave when it's getting good? :-D
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Johnny: ted young awwlovelee_hickory on December 9th, 2009 01:38 am (UTC)
That chapter made me laugh so hard. I've never laughed so hard so little into a book. The dog, oh the dog! Haha! And the talk of young Jack, so funny! God, I wish I had the book here with me so I could give better input!
emkennedyemkennedy on December 9th, 2009 02:54 am (UTC)
It was fun picturing the dog jumping out of the crate and whatnot. And the pleasure Teddy got from sending him back to Jack, haha!